Summer Assignments

The following is a list of Summer Assignments for 2017-18

Middle School Summer Assignments:

Incoming 6th Graders

English updated

Math updated

Incoming 7th Graders

English updated

Math  updated 

Incoming 8th Graders

English updated

Math updated

High School Summer Assignments:


Algebra (for incoming 9th graders who did not take Algebra Regents as 8th graders) updated

Geometry (for students who passed Algebra I) updated

Algebra II/Trigonometry (for students who passed Geometry) updated

Pre-Calculus (for students who passed Algebra II/Trigonometry) updated

Calculus (for students who passed Pre-Calculus) updated


Incoming 9th Graders: English updated

Incoming 10th Graders: English  updated 

Incoming 11th Graders: English updated

Incoming 12th Graders: English updated


If you have any questions regarding the summer assignments, please email the respective Department Chairs.  Thank you and have a wonderful summer.

Ms. Seide - Chair of the English Department at:

Ms. Markinson - Chair of the Math Department at: