Blue Cards 2018

December 3, 2018

This is the East-West school of International Studies, calling with an important reminder. Please return, your child’s blue card by December twenty first. This blue card is used for emergency purposes and is mandated by the department of education. If you have never received the blue cards, they can be picked up in the main office. Please note your child will not be able to participate in any after school activities including clubs and field trips until the blue cards are submitted. If you have missed any portion of this message, please visit our website Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

您好! 這裹是東西方國際學習學校打來提醒您,請於十二月二十一 日交回您孩子的藍卡。這藍卡是教育局規定的並用於緊急情況下。 如果您沒有拿到藍卡,請到辦公室索取。請注意: 在您的孩子沒有 交回藍卡之前,他是無法參加任何社團及旅行。如果您錯過此消息 的任何部分,請查閱學校網站 謝謝您! 晚安

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Monday, December 3, 2018
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