OPTIONAL: Request to Remove Number Grade from GPA (For Parents of Students in Grades 9-12 ONLY)

For June 2021 only: Parents/Guardians may request that a number grade of 65 or higher NOT be counted toward a student's Grade Point Average.

THIS IS ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. This applies ONLY to MP4 grades for students in grades 9-12.

  • If a parent requests to remove a number grade from the GPA, the number grade will change to the code 'CR.' 'CR' means "Credit." The 'CR' will not be included in the child's GPA.
  • Parents may choose to keep all number grades 65 or higher OR parents may choose to request that one, some, or all of the number grades 65 or higher be removed from the child's GPA.
  • If you have any questions about this request form, please contact Ms. Park at jpark@ewsis.org

Complete a Number Grade Change Request Form

仅限 2021 年 6 月:家长/监护人可以要求将65或更高的分数不计入学生的平均绩点。


  • 如果父母要求从GPA中删除分数,则分数将更改为代码“ CR”。 “ CR”的意思是“Credit”。 “ CR”将不会包含在孩子的GPA。
  • 父母可以选择保持所有65分或更高的分数等级,或者父母可以选择要求从孩子的GPA中删除一个,一些或所有65分或更高的分数。
  • 如果您对此申请表有任何疑问,请通过jpark@ewsis.org与Park先生联系。

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