Summer Assignments

The following is a list of Summer Assignments for 2018-19

Middle School Summer Assignments:


Incoming 6th Graders English updated 7.3.18

Incoming 7th Graders English updated 7.3.18

Incoming 8th Graders English updated 7.3.18


Outgoing 6th Graders (entering 7th grade) Math updated 6.20.18

Outgoing 7th Graders (entering 8th grade) Math updated 6.28.18

Outgoing 8th Graders (entering 9th grade) Math  updated 6.20.18

High School Summer Assignments:


Algebra (for all students who finished 9th grade Algebra I)

Geometry (for all students who just finished Geometry) updated 6.4.18

Algebra II/Trigonometry (for students who just finished Algebra II/Trigonometry and not going to Calculus) updated 6.4.18

AP Calculus (for students who are going into AP Calculus) updated 6.20.18


Incoming 9th Graders: English 

Incoming 10th Graders: English 

Incoming 11th Graders: English  updated 7.3.18

Incoming 12th Graders: English  updated 7.3.18


If you have any questions regarding the summer assignments, please email the respective Department Chairs.  Thank you and have a wonderful summer.

Mrs. Matthusen - Chair of the English Department at:

Ms. Markinson - Chair of the Math Department at: