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Each school day New York City students are able to enjoy FREE breakfast and affordable lunch meals.

As of September 30, 2013, students who do not return an application and/or are not eligible for a free or reduced-price meal will pay $1.75 for lunch, up from $1.50. Students who qualify for a reduced-price meal will now receive lunch for FREE, down from the $0.25 that had been charged.

Managing your child's lunch payments is easy and secure – deposit and manage funds at

Parents and guardians can return a completed paper application to their child's school or they can apply online at electronic device with an internet connection.

Households need to complete only one application for all children living in a home attending Pre-k to high school.

For more information on school meals prices, please click here to view the letter from SchoolFood.

If you have questions regarding the 2017-2018 Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals contact SchoolFood's Help Desk at (877) 363-6325 or send an email to