• An Hour of Code

    On Monday, January 23rd, high school students will have the opportunity to participate in An Hour of Code.  The event will be held after...

  • Wishing our sister school safe return to Nishio High School.

    Safe Travels Nishio High School

    It was an exciting week at East-West with the visit of ten students and three staff members from our sister school in Japan.  Our school...

About East-West

The East-West School is a public grade 6-12 school in Flushing, New York. We prepare students with global knowledge and perspective by offering courses in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Since opening in 2006, we continue to provide a quality education for all students regardless of academic level or socioeconomic background.

The four pillars of East-West, Honor, Excellence, Curiosity, and Celebration, are infused in our teaching and learning environment.

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East-West Student Government Presents Color Wars 2016

Student Government presents the first school-wide event for the 2016-17 school year.