NY Post List East-West as Top 40 Public High Schools in NYC


The top 40 public high schools in NYC

By Mary Kay Linge and Joshua Tanzer

September 17, 2016 | 5:54pm

28. East-West School of International Studies

46-21 Colden St., Queens

Admission: Continuing 8th graders only
Graduation rate: 88.5%
College ready: 62.5%
College enrollment: 79.5%
% Taking SAT: 89.4%
Average total SAT score: 1429
# Taking AP tests: 58
AP Pass rate: 56.9%

Every high school student in this Flushing 6-12 school takes a three-year track in Chinese, Japanese or Korean, and groups visit Japan and China for more study. Six AP classes and free college credit courses are available. A new program now integrates students with autism.

The school has many clubs, like K-Pop dance and animé art, while sports include judo, martial arts and basketball.