Strong Intelligent Sisters


Strong Intelligent Sisters

(SIS) 2012-2013


The purpose of Strong Intelligent Sisters (SIS) is to help young girls manage challenging social issues they face in today’s society. This learning process will be done through focused conversations, book talk, and fitness. The goal is for each young woman to emerge with an improved skill set that will help her, with the support of a mentor, self- navigate challenging social situations with confidence and maturity.

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What inspired the founders of SIS to launch a female mentorship program?


Mrs. Panday:

“As a minority female and a product of the New York City Public School system,  I strongly believe, and data shows, there is a need for minority women leaders to “fill a hole” in regards to supporting minority females, academically, emotionally and athletically.”


Ms. Torres:

“Growing up in New York City and attending DOE public schools, I never felt I had a place where I fit in.  My professional goal is to inspire young minority women in the health and fitness component.  I want to impact and help support young girls in finding an outlet at East-West.  My goal is to empower them to become physically and emotionally strong.”