Professional Learning Community
Together Everyone Achieves More for English Language and Literacy

Mission: The what and why

We, the members of TEAM ELL, come together as a professional learning community to  foster a collaborative learning process; to gain vital insight into effective and intentional instructional practice that supports ELLs and all students; and to envision our teaching as a vehicle to increase student learning that promotes structures and scaffolds academic language to ensure standards-based learning and achievement.


Vision: The how and what

We are a TEAM and we believe that together everyone achieves more.  As a TEAM, we work together to create unified practices, to implement common practices in the classroom, and to reflect on our professional growth as educators by analyzing student data and our planning and delivery of instruction.  As a TEAM, our focus is on increasing English Language Learners’ academic language and achievement through intentional and structured planning.  We are dedicated to supporting all students learn and achieve, and we use data to monitor and revise our practices.


Who:   Holly Reichert, TEAM ELL Facilitator
When:  Thursdays, from 3:00-4:00pm -- will start the first week of November.
Where: location TBD - an available EW classroom
Why:   learning and implementing best practice to support the academic achievement of ELLs and all students
How:   group and individual activities focused on the sharing of classroom practice and student work.

By Julia Cheng (June 2011)

Every week for the past ten months, seven teachers and one administrator have met to form a unique professional learning community. Their fields of expertise include science, English, special education, history, ESL, and math.

Their mission? To work together to learn how to best serve our English Language Learners.

With the guidance of Holly Reichert, an ESL coach, first year teachers collaborated with veteran teachers to explore and practice new and improved methods of ESL teaching. As TEAM ELL, they grew together as a trusting community and shared their triumphs and challenges. "No one holds back. We say what we need to say," says Ryo Shibata, a first-year physics teacher. Mr. Shibata learned to identify and develop effective practices in his teaching as a result of the meetings.

"Understanding and watching our ELL students helps us reach a deeper sense of humanity," says Ms. Reichert. 

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2010-2011 TEAM

Ms. Reichert (Coach)

Mr. Bae (ELL)
Mr. Bahl (Social Studies)
Ms. Katz (Mathematics)
Ms. Kramer (Special Education)
Ms. Mandel (English)
Ms. Panday (Assistant Principal)
Mr. Shibata (Science)