School Uniforms


  • The school uniform committee reviewed and modified the uniforms and policy to align to both the NYC DOE policy and the NYC DOE Student Intervention and Discipline Code.
  • All students, including seniors, will be expected to wear a school uniform and comply with the Dress Code, as it will be strictly enforced.
  • School Uniforms and physical education clothing may be purchased at IDEAL Uniform.

Physical Education and Dance for Middle School and High School:

  • Dri-fit shirt with EWSIS logo, and
  • Sweatpants with EWSIS logo, or
  • Dri-fit shorts with EWSIS logo.

High School Uniform Policy/Dress Code (Except for Physical Education and Dance): (高中生)校服

  • Light blue oxford shirt with official EWSIS emblem, fully buttoned,
  • Light blue crew neck shirt with official EWSIS emblem,
  • Solid black slacks/khakis OR solid black shorts/skirts, (worn no shorter than knee length)
  • Dark blue or black jeans may be worn, (no leggings, sweatpants, ripped jeans, etc)
  • Shoes or sneakers only.

Middle School Uniform Policy/Dress Code: (初中生)校服

  • Royal blue collared polo shirt with official EWSIS emblem, and
  • Solid black slacks/khakis OR solid black shorts/skirts, (no shorter than knee length)
  • No jeans sweatpants, leggings, joggers, and/or athletic bottoms.
  • Shoes or sneakers only.

Unacceptable Clothing

  • Ripped jeans
  • Jackets/Sweatshirts/Sweaters without official EWSIS Embroidered Logo or club designation
  • Skirts or shorts shorter than three fingers above the knee (with or without leggings or tights)
  • Heels over 2 inches or flip flops

Uniform Infractions

  • Students who are not wearing the school uniform shirt or who are wearing outerwear without the EWSIS logo are assigned to communal lunch on the day of the infraction
  • In the event they have a class during lunch, they can attend communal lunch the following day
  • Failure to sit at communal lunch and to follow the procedures for communal lunch results in after school detention
  • Failure to attend after school detention results in a suspension from extra curricular activities until the detention is served