8th Grade Stepping Up Ceremony - June 24th

Stepping up 2020 

Good Evening 8th Grade Parents, On Wednesday, June 24th at 9:00 a.m. we will celebrate our 8th graders with a Stepping Up Ceremony. Please remember to email Mr. Diaz (cdiaz@ewsis.org) with your e-mail address as this will be used to send you the link and password to enter the zoom ceremony. This link will be sent to you by Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you at the ceremony. If you have missed any portion of this message, please visit the website at www.ewsis.org 


8年級家長們晚上好,星期三,6月24日 上午9點我們將舉辦8年級學生的畢業典禮。請記 得將您的電子郵件信箱地址發給Diaz先生,因為這將作為向您發送鏈接和密碼以便參加 畢業典禮的方式。該鏈接將在星期二發送給您。我們期待與您見面。如果您錯過了此消息 的任何部分,請查閱學校網站www.ewsis.org. ​

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Friday, June 19, 2020