National Honor Society

East-West School of International Studies

Chapter of the National Honor Society

Eligibility Criteria 2019-2020


  • Students must earn a weighted cumulative GPA of 88%.  A “Grade Point Average” (GPA) is the cumulative weighted average reflected on the student’s transcript based on their entire high school career.

The GPA that will be used will be:

For Juniors, the end of the Fall term (January report card) of the Junior Year.

For Seniors, the end of the Fall term (January report card) of the Senior Year.

  • At the time of the submission of the application, students must have passed (at a minimum) the Regents exams required for graduation.


  • Juniors and Seniors will need a minimum of 10 hours of Leadership Credits to be accepted into National Honor Society (NHS).
  • All Leadership Credits must be earned through extra-curricular school or community activities, clubs, and/or teams from within the East-West School of International Studies or in the community.


  • A student must perform unpaid volunteer service to the school and/or to non-profit community based organizations in the local community.  Service should be made on a long-term commitment.  Colleges want applicants who have shown long-term meaningful relationships in a volunteer activity.
  • Juniors will need 30 hours of Service Credits to be accepted into NHS.
  • Seniors will need 40 hours of Service Credits to be accepted into NHS.


  • A student must demonstrate high standards of character.
  • The Faculty Council will consider subject area teacher input, Dean Updates, anecdotal logs, and other relevant data/materials when evaluating character.
  • Reported violations of unacceptable behavior, violations of the school’s attendance, lateness, or cutting policies as well as a Dean’s records of inappropriate behavior can all adversely affect the chances of being accepted into NHS.

Please Note

  • Inclusion in the National Honor Society is a privilege and not a right.
  • Student must attend mandatory meetings.  Any student who is absent from 2 or more meetings without a valid excuse cannot be considered for application into NHS.
  • Students must participate in NHS sponsored activities where attendance is taken and credit is awarded.
  • Criteria for admission as well as the details for NHS sponsored community service projects will be discussed throughout the year and posted on the school website.
  • There will be an information gathering process prior to the submission date of all applications.  Strict adherence to all due dates is a prerequisite for admission into NHS.
  • Volunteer service for the school and community based organizations will be credited as community service by NHS standard if the following benchmarks have been met:
  1. The organization for which you are volunteering does NOT make a profit.
  2. Based on the work done, the student does not benefit, other than morally, for the work that he/she performed.
  3. Students did not receive a grade for the work performed.
  4. The work done is meant as an outreach for those less fortunate in our community, or benefits the community in that people’s lives are bettered by the volunteer action.
  5. With the exception of pre-approved peer tutoring during a student’s lunch period, the service took place outside of the school day.  Students may not use Teaching Assistant roles during the school day as volunteer service.
  • Students who falsify information on their Candidate Information Form will not be allowed admission into NHS.
  • Candidates who meet NHS requirements will be inducted at a ceremony to which family, friends, and community members are invited.

Click here for a Candidate Information Form. Completion and submission of this form does not guarantee selection.  Should you have questions about this form, please contact Ms. Culicerto ( or Mr. Prager (