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Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 14 @ 6:30 PM (virtually - check email for Zoom link)

  • We are currently in need of a Treasurer for the PTA 2022-2023 year!
  • We will be holding elections during this PTA meeting. 
  • Please check your email for the Zoom link to join.

我们目前需要 PTA 2022-2023 年的财务主管!
我们将在这次 PTA 会议期间举行选举。
请查看您的电子邮件以获取 Zoom 链接以加入。

¡Actualmente necesitamos un tesorero para el año 2022-2023 de la PTA!
Tendremos elecciones durante esta reunión de la PTA.
Verifique su correo electrónico para ver el enlace de Zoom para unirse.

Awards Night, PTA Elections, Food Drive (5/26)

This is East-West sharing an important announcement from your PTA!
On Thursday May 26, 2022, East-West will host an Awards Night for all students. As
you will recall, we had to cancel our scheduled January Awards Night due to the Covid
outbreak. We are excited that we will finally be able to celebrate our students’
accomplishments on May 26th. The PTA will also be having a meeting and Elections
for new PTA Executives at 5:00p.m., prior to the Awards Ceremony which will begin
immediately after at 6:00p.m. 
In addition to selling snacks and water during the Awards Ceremony, the PTA will be
sponsoring a small food drive. We know that so many lives have been impacted by
Covid, with many people losing their jobs and families struggling to put food on the
table. What better way than to have our community bring in food items to donate to
families in need and for those in need to be able to take.
We are asking parents that are able to contribute, to bring in any non-perishable item(s)
to donate. Examples of non-perishable items are: peanut butter, canned soup, canned
fruit, canned vegetables, canned fish, canned beans, bag beans, rice, and pasta. 
Please DROP OFF food donations during the day, or any time before 5:00p.m., at the
PTA table outside the auditorium. Families in need will be able to take food
items AFTER the awards ceremony.
Please bring your own tote bags to carry the food home!
Thank you, 
Shirley Wong, President
Wanda Steward, Treasurer
Evian Koay, Secretary 

这是 East-West 分享您 PTA 的重要公告!
2022 年 5 月 26 日星期四,East-West 将为所有学生举办颁奖之夜。您会记得,由于 Covid 爆发,
我们不得不取消原定的 1 月颁奖之夜。我们很高兴终于能够在 5 月 26 日庆祝我们学生的成就。
PTA 还将在下午 5:00 举行新的 PTA 高管会议和选举,颁奖典礼将在下午 6:00 之后立即开始。
除了在颁奖典礼期间出售小吃和水外,PTA 还将赞助一场小型食品活动。我们知道,许多人的生

请在白天或下午 5:00 之前的任何时间在礼堂外的 PTA 餐桌上领取食物捐赠。颁奖典礼结束后,
Evian Koay,秘书

¡Este es East-West compartiendo un anuncio importante de su PTA!
El jueves 26 de mayo de 2022, East-West organizará una Noche de premios para todos los estudiantes.
Como recordará, tuvimos que cancelar nuestra Noche de Premios programada para enero debido al
brote de Covid. Estamos emocionados de que finalmente podremos celebrar los logros de nuestros
estudiantes el 26 de mayo. La PTA también tendrá una reunión y elecciones para nuevos ejecutivos de la
PTA a las 5:00 p. m., antes de la Ceremonia de entrega de premios que comenzará inmediatamente
después a las 6:00 p. m.
Además de vender bocadillos y agua durante la Ceremonia de Premiación, la PTA patrocinará una
pequeña colecta de alimentos. Sabemos que el covid ha impactado tantas vidas, con muchas personas
perdiendo sus trabajos y familias luchando por llevar comida a la mesa. Qué mejor manera que hacer
que nuestra comunidad traiga alimentos para donar a las familias necesitadas y para que aquellos que lo
necesitan puedan tomar.
Estamos pidiendo a los padres que pueden contribuir que traigan cualquier artículo no perecedero para
donar. Ejemplos de artículos no perecederos son: mantequilla de maní, sopa enlatada, fruta enlatada,
vegetales enlatados, pescado enlatado, frijoles enlatados, frijoles en bolsa, arroz y pasta.
DEJE las donaciones de alimentos durante el día, o en cualquier momento antes de las 5:00 p. m., en la
mesa de la PTA afuera del auditorio. Las familias necesitadas podrán llevarse alimentos DESPUÉS de la
ceremonia de entrega de premios.
¡Por favor traiga sus propias bolsas para llevar la comida a casa!
Shirley Wong, presidente
Wanda Steward, tesorera
Evian Koay, Secretario

PTA Membership Donation Drive

Dear East-West Families,

We hope you are well during these difficult times and appreciate you taking the time to help East-West. The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) plays a vital role in supporting our students and families. We inform all families of education policies and activities through a collaborative union between parents, teachers and administrators The PTA is dedicated to the betterment of our students and our school. The PTA meetings are open to all East-West families and we will be posting the meeting calendar on the East-West website.  Mark your calendars for our virtual November meeting which will take place on November 16th at 6:30 p.m.

It would be wonderful if the NYC DOE funded all of the students’ needs, but we know, especially now, it’s just not a reality.  YOUR SUPPORT AND DONATIONS WILL HELP US CONTINUE OUR WORTHWHILE EFFORTS TOWARD MAKING EAST-WEST THE BEST SCHOOL IT CAN BE. 

Some of our planned activities for this school year include:

  • Scholarships recognizing student achievement
  • Awards ceremonies and presentations
  • School dances and other events, as permitted by the DOE
  • School trips, hopefully a Senior Overnight
  • Holiday festivities and drives
  • Parent trainings 

While we will fund raise for these events by participating in the NYC Vaccine Referral Bonus, holiday bake sales and other sales, and by partnering with World’s Finest Chocolate, the PTA still needs your help. By becoming a contributing member of the PTA, your donation and participation will help us achieve even more for our students. While a  donation is not a requirement for PTA membership,  no gift is too small and all are appreciated. 

Please include the attached form when making your donation (clicking this link will load the form)All donations can be dropped off at school in room 404G (Ms. Mandel’s office) or mailed to the PTA at:

East-West School of International Studies


46-21 Colden Street

Flushing, New York 11355


Thank you for your support!

Shirley Wong, President

Wanda Stewart, Treasurer

Evian Koay, Secretary



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