Blue Cards - Return by November 1

Please return your child’s blue card by November 1st.

What are blue cards and why are they important?

  • The blue card is used for emergency purposes and is mandated by the department of education.
  • Please note your child will not be able to participate in any after school activities including clubs and field trips until the blue cards are submitted.

I never received blue cards. Where can I get them?
If you have never received the blue cards, they can be picked up in the main office.

Recently moved?
Please provide two proofs of the new address in order to have your address to be changed.


請於11月1日前交回藍色緊急聯絡卡。該藍卡用於緊急用途,並且是由教育部門授權的。如果您從未收到過藍卡,請到428辦公室索取。請注意:您的孩子未交回藍卡之前將無法參加任何課後 活動,包括社團和旅行。另外,如果您搬家了,請提供兩份新地址的證明,以便更改您的地址。

Publication Period: 
Friday, October 18, 2019