Community Meeting: Reopening in September

**UPDATED 9/1: Changes made to start of school year and blended learning calendar. For more information, view the announcement about the start of the school year**

August 27, 2020: Community Meeting Update

Thank you for joining us last night for our most recent East-West Community Meeting where we shared an overview of our plan for reopening in September.  If you missed it, you can review the presentation.

Below, please find the blended learning groups that will be scheduled for in-person instruction, as well as the tentative calendar that we will be following for September. As of today, school will start on Wednesday, September 16th, for all students - remote and blended.  

The blended learning plans and schedule can be seen below:

Blended Learning Groups (Based on Grade Level)
Group Grades
Group C 6, 7
Group B 8, 9, 10
Group A 11, 12
Tentative Blending Learning Calendar for the Beginning of the School Year
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Sept 7 - Labor Day     Sept 10 Sept 11
100% Remote Week Sept 14 Sept 15 Sept 16 - 100% Remote for all Students Sept 17 - 100% Remote for all Students Sept 18 - 100% Remote for all Students
Week 1 Sept 21 - Group A Sept 22 - Group B Sept 23 - Group A Sept 24 - Group B Sept 25 - Group C
Week 2 Sept 28 - Yom Kippur
(School Closed)
Sept 29 - Group C Sept 30 - Group A Oct 1 - Group B Oct 2 - Group C
Week 3 Oct 5 - Group C Oct 6 - Group A Oct 7 - Group A Oct 8 - Group B Oct 9 - Group C
Week 1 Oct 12 - Columbus Day
(School Closed)
Oct 13 - Group B Oct 14 - Group A Oct 15 - Group B Oct 16 - Group C
Week 2 Oct 19 - Group B Oct 20 - Group C Oct 21 - Group A Oct 22 - Group B Oct 23 - Group C
Week 3 Oct 26 - Group C Oct 27 - Group A Oct 28 - Group A Oct 29 - Group B Oct 30 - Group C

Additionally, we are working to create a Frequently Asked Questions document based on the questions posed by families last night. This will be shared soon.

Gentle Reminder: The DOE Learning Preference Survey is still open for families who would like to choose full remote instruction for the start of the school year. You can opt in for remote learning but you may not, at this time, opt-in for blended learning.

For more information, please use the links provided below:

As always, we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we continue to develop new systems and procedures that support the health and safety of our school community. 

August 14, 2020

Dear East-West Families,

Hello and I hope this letter finds you healthy and safe.  We are anxiously approaching the 2020-2021 school year and working tirelessly to ensure our academic program meets the needs of all of our 660 students.  As of this week 43% of our families have opted for  “All Remote Learning” in which their children will receive instruction exclusively at home from teachers using our online  platform, the way we have been teaching students since March of this year.  The rest of our students will receive a “Blended Learning” structure for September in which they will receive a combination of in-person and remote learning.  Students who opt into the blended learning model will be assigned to a group and will come into school one to two times per week to receive in-school instruction and remain home other days  to receive online instruction.

New York City has offered schools basically four options for programming students this coming fall.  The model that our school chose is aligned to Chancellor’s option# 2 based on data from our parent information session in July 2020, staff and parent surveys, and surveys from the NYC Department of Education.

In order to continue to talk through shifts and answer your questions about the upcoming school year, we will be hosting another family information session on August 26th at 6pm. Please check your email for the link. We hope to see you there!

On July 28th, Principal Cromer discussed East-West's reopening plan for September.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020