First Day of School - Monday, September 13

Good Evening, This is the East-West School of International Studies callingwith an important message for our middle school and high school students.
Middle School students should report to the school building on Monday, September 13th at 8:03 and line up on the ramp of the auditorium, Juniper entrance, to pick up your program.
High school students should report to school at 8:03 and line up on Colden Street using the lobby entrance to pick up your program.
Please make sure that your child completes the health screening survey before entering the building.
Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

晚上好,這裡是東西方國際學習學校打來告訴初中生和高中生一個重要信 息。
初中生應於 9 月 13 日星期一, 早上 8:03 到校報到,並在學校邊門Juniper Ave 入口處排隊領取課程表。
高中生應於 早上8:03 到校報到,然後在 Colden Street 學校正門入口排隊領 取課程表。
謝謝您, 並祝您有個愉快的夜晚。

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Thursday, September 9, 2021