Operoo Form Completion

November 12, 2020
Good Afternoon, This is the East-West School calling with an important reminder. Thank you for
registering with Operoo. Please take some time to complete the forms that are on your account. It is
very important that you fill out the blue cards. This is our way of communicating with parents and
guardians. If you are having trouble, please call the school at 718-353-0009. Thank you and have a
pleasant afternoon. If you have missed any portion of this message, please visit our website at

下午好,这是东西方学校的一次重要提醒。 感谢您在Operoo注册。 请花一些时间来填写您帐户中
的表格。 填写blue card非常重要。 这是我们与父母和监护人沟通的方式。 如果遇到问题,请致
电718-353-0009与学校联系。 谢谢,祝您下午愉快。 如果您错过了此消息的任何部分,请访问我

Publication Period: 
Thursday, November 12, 2020