School-Wide Google Classroom: Daily Attendance and Announcements

Starting today, Thursday April 2, 2020, there will be a school-wide Google Classroom called "Daily Attendance and Announcements." 

All students must join this Google classroom.

Students should visit this "Daily Attendance and Announcements" Google classroom at the START of each school day. The deadline to visit this Google classroom every single day is 5 PM to be marked 'Present' for school attendance.

There will be one multiple choice question each day. If a student answers the question, he/she will be marked 'Present.' Students must also continue to do the check in/Do Now assignments for all of their classes.

If a child does not visit the "Daily Attendance and Announcements" Google classroom, the child will receive a "reminder" email. If the child still does not visit the "Daily Attendance and Announcements" Google classroom, then the parent will receive a phone call from the school the next day.





如果孩子没有访问“每日出勤和公告” Google教室,则该孩子将收到“提醒”电子邮件。如果孩子仍然不访问Google的“每日出勤和公告”教室,则家长将在第二天收到学校的电话。

Publication Period: 
Thursday, April 2, 2020