Non-Medical Extended Absence Policy

Education is a shared responsibility of students, their families and our school. We believe that students benefit most from uninterrupted contact with their teachers each day at school. Regular and punctual attendance is important to the development of responsible work and study habits.

  • Extended unauthorized absences beyond the school vacation days are not excusable even with a note from the parent.
  • Parents considering removing their child from school for an extended absence must schedule an appointment with a Guidance Counselor to discuss the planned leave. In some cases, children with extensive absences may lose their seat at our school.
  • All students who are absent are responsible for completing missed class work. Credit given for such work will be at the discretion of the teacher who will establish reasonable time limits for completion.

We hope this clarifies our school policy on unexcused absences. We encourage your participation in creating a successful learning environment for your child.