Letter from the Principal

Dear Teachers,

If I had to sum it up in a nutshell, my ten most basic expectations would be:

  1. Ensure the students are always safe.
  2. Teach the best lessons you possibly can.
  3. Teach with love, patience, and understanding.
  4. Constantly assess the progress of all students and use this data to inform your instruction.
  5. Expect respectful behavior from all students and understand students grow along a continuum. Give second chances.
  6. Reach out to parents and colleagues as partners.
  7. Integrate literacy, discussion and technology into your lessons wherever possible.
  8. Celebrate students.
  9. Prepare students to work in a global world in jobs that may not exist yet.
  10. Strive to enjoy the small accomplishments in life.

However, I know that we won’t always be able to discuss expectations as a group, and that many of us come from other schools where things were done differently. I’d like to think that here at East-West, we do things differently

I have an open door policy and am always interested to speak with you and our students, and to listen to concerns, requests, and feedback. I love talking to you and supporting you so that you can teach our students. Let me know how I can support your teaching and learning.

I wake up each morning and think about how I can make everyone’s day easier and yet still accomplish even a fraction of the minutia that gets dumped on me from above. I don’t expect perfection from anybody but I do expect growth in a positive direction.

I am so proud of the work you do with our students.


Warm Regards,

Ben Sherman

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