Reminder - Complete Family Income Request Form (Lunch Form)

This is the East-West School calling with an important request.  We are asking all families to fill out the Family Income Inquiry form formerly known as the lunch form.  The completion of this form helps with funding for our school.  Without this completed form, East-West will not receive the funding needed to offer extra tutoring and clubs for our students.   Even if you are a remote learner, a form must be filled out.   You can go to our website, look for the quick links and click on the My School App.  Once you have completed the online form, please submit your receipt by e-mail to Ms. Esposito at  Thank you and have a pleasant evening.


这是东西方学校的一个重要要求。我们要求所有家庭填写家庭收入查询表(以前称为午餐表)。填写此表格有助于为我们学校获取资金。没有这份填写完整的表格,东西方学校将无法获得为我们的学生提供额外的补习和学生俱乐部所需的资金。即使您是远程学习者,也必须填写表格。您可以转到我们的网站,查找快速链接,然后单击“My School”应用程序。完成在线表格后,请通过电子邮件将收据发送给Esposito女士,电子邮件为。谢谢,祝您有个愉快的夜晚。


Publication Period: 
Tuesday, September 22, 2020