Coronavirus Update - April 3rd


Hello, Parents, this is Principal Cromer calling with an important update. I hope you and everyone in your family is safe and healthy and I trust you are all staying home.  

Beginning Monday, April 6th all students are required by the Department of Education to start their day by signing into the Daily Attendance on Google Classroom.  


You can find a summary and expectations for remote learning, and directions on our website at



4 月2日冠狀病毒更新 家長們好! ,這是Cromer校長打來告訴您一個重要更新訊息,我希望您和家人安全,健康,我相 信你們都待在家裡。從4月6日星期一開始,教育部要求所有學生通過在Google課堂上登錄每日出 勤來開始新的一天。您可以到我們的網站www.ewsis.org找到有關遠程學習的摘要,期望和方 向。


Publication Period: 
Saturday, April 4, 2020