Student Program Information - 9/18

Good Afternoon Parents, This is an important update from East-West.   All students will learn remotely beginning Monday, September 21st.   Middle School families should check our website for updated programs; click on Student Programs 2020-2021.  Students should go to the google classrooms at the time listed on the program.  High School students should check pupil path for their schedule; go to the google classroom at the time listed on the program.  Students are expected to be in school remotely every day from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.  If you are unable to access your schedule, e-mail the parent coordinator and school counselor. If you have missed any portion of this message please visit our website at

下午好,家长们,这是东西方学校的重要信息。 从9月21日,星期一开始,所有学生都将进行远程学习。 初中生家庭应访问我们的网站以获取最新计划; 单击Student Programs 2020-2021。 学生应按计划中列出的时间去Google教室。 高中学生应检查pupil path上的时间表,按照程序列出的时间去Google教室。 预计每天上午8:30至下午2:00,学生将远程上学。 如果您无法访问自己的时间表,请通过电子邮件向家长协调员和学校辅导员发送电子邮件。 如果您错过了此消息的任何部分,请访问我们的网站


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Friday, September 18, 2020