Welcome Nishio High School Delegation

Nishio High School Delegation

We welcome students and chaperones, including the principal, from Nishio High School in Japan.  Our staff and students will be hosting homestays for our guests while they are visiting East-West and New York City.  Nishio students and chaperones will spend the day visiting classes at East-West on Tuesday, December 11 and Friday, December 14.  There will be a special assembly periods 4 and 5 on Friday to celebrate the Nishio and East-West high school partnership.

Every other year, both schools welcome and pair up homestays for our students and staff.  This exchange program began with our participation in the "Kakehashi Project - the Bridge for Tomorrow" as part of the Youth Exchange Program with North America and promoted by the MInistry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Japan Foundation.

As with the Kakehashi Project, our exchange program aims to promote deeper mutual understanding among the people of Japan and the United States, enable future leaders of Japan-US exchanges to form networks, and help young people develop wider perspectives to encourage active roles at the global level in the future.

Special thank you to our East-West family who have graciously opened their homes to host our sister school while they're visiting.  All this would not have been possible if it wasn't for our Japanese teacher, Ms. Wilson, for her tireless effort in coordinating and planning along with Mr. Silaco, all the logistics including school activities, host families, and ongoing communication with all parties involved!  Thank you for all you do!