Important Information on School Re-Opening 

Good Afternoon Parents, This is an important update from East-West.  As stated by the Mayor, all in- person learning has been postponed until Thursday, October 1st.  All students will learn remotely beginning Monday, September 21st.   Your child’s schedule will be updated on pupil path tomorrow, Friday, September 18th.  Students will also receive updates during Friday’s orientation.  Students are expected to be in school remotely every day from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.  We will continue to update you as new information becomes available.  A separate announcement will be made for those students who still need textbooks.   If you have missed any portion of this message, please visit our website at  Thank you and have a pleasant day.

下午好,家长们,这是东西方学校的重要消息。正如市长所说,所有面对面的学习都被推迟到10月1日,星期四。从9月21日,星期一开始,所有学生都将进行远程学习。您的孩子的日程安排将于9月18日,星期五,在pupil path上进行更新。学生还将在周五的入学培训期间收到更新。每天上午8:30至下午2:00,我们期待学生在远程上学。随着新信息的发布,我们将继续为您更新。对于仍需要教科书的学生,将另行宣布信息。如果您错过了此消息的任何部分,请访问我们的网站。谢谢,祝您有愉快的一天。

Publication Period: 
Thursday, September 17, 2020