teacher highlights

Mr. Bantz, East-West's Japanese Teacher writes on June 27, 2012:

Greetings from Kyoto!

Even though we just arrived in Japan last night, we set out this morning for our highly anticipated overnight trip to Kyoto.

Ms. Hartong writes:

Award winning playwright Nilaja Sun visited East-West on Thursday, March 24th during high school Drama class. Ms. Oh was also present. She watched students perform a scene from her play "No Child" and then Greyson Soukup conducted a brief interview.

Ms. Hartong is good friends with Nilaja Sun. Read a New York Times article about her award-winning play, "No Child" and check out a video clip!

East-West received a generous donation of Korean instruments and costumes from the Hanyang Culture Fund to support our Korean drumming program. Mr. Taek-Sun Han and Mrs. Hye-Jin Han both have valued the Korean programs in the public schools, and they want to recognize and support EWSIS Korean program and Poong-mul program especially in the heart of Flushing area.

Thanks to our Korean teachers: Ms. Rhi for connecting with Mr. and Mrs. Han, and Ms. Kim for leading the Korean drumming class.

This school year, every Academy participated in a community service project of their choice. Ms. Pechersky’s 10th grade Academy students discussed many opportunities and decided to organize a clothing drive to help people in need. During several months, they worked to mobilize the East –West community and have as many donations of gently worn clothes as possible.

English teacher, Mrs. Braverman brought The Met School Membership (MSM) program to The East West School of International Studies.  The program introduced students to opera at the world's greatest opera house right here in New York City. To prepare for the visits to The Metropolitan Opera (Met), Ms. Demby, a retired teacher and lover of the opera as well as a tour guide at The Met came to the 8th grade classes and provided students with an in-depth study guide, including background information on the operas and composers they had the opportunity to see.  Mrs. Braverman and  Ms.