• On May 23, there will be an orientation for new incoming students at 4:30 PM.

    Junior Parent Night will be a great opportunity for our 11th grade students to learn about the many aspects of the college process, in addition to getting a head start on preparing for their senior year in high school.

    The following topics will be covered:

    1. Review of Transcripts and Grades
    2. Senior Activities
    3. Applying to College
    4. Financial Aid and Paying for College

    Our middle and high school students will also have the opportunity to learn what to expect for next year, AP courses that are available, East-West Clubs, and our partner programs with Hodori and StarTalk.


  • Over 50 students were recognized for their academic, attendance, fundraising or leadership efforts at this month's PTA meeting.

    Interim Acting Principal Anthony Cromer presented award certificates and this month's Dean's List recipients.

    Superintendent Juan Mendez also attended and spoke briefly with parents and students about the path to success.

    He informed parents and students to take advantage of College Now courses, internship and scholarship opportunities, and how to continue to build and expand on the success of East-West.

  • To All East-West Teachers and Staff,

    Thank you for making a difference and all you do.

    We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

    Please visit the Staff Room on Friday, May 5 for breakfast starting at 7:00 am

    From The PTA

  • Wishing safe travels to our fellow teachers, Mrs. Chang, Mrs. Rengifo, and Ms. Seide, who have spent months planning, organizing, and meeting with parents to ensure that our students: Corey Cheung, Mina Cheung, Destyn Hall, Karen Lin, Rita Lin, Dorothy Lu, and Heidi Tuyen experience all the wonders China and relations with our Sister School, Hangzhou No.14 Secondary School has to offer.

    Getting ready to experience 15+ hours on an airplane.

    Good Evening East-West,

    We arrived in Hangzhou early this morning and had a very busy day! After enjoying an energy packed buffet breakfast, we were on our way to our sister school. There we had a meeting with the principal and some student ambassadors, a campus tour, and the opportunity to sit in on some AP classes. 

    Starting the day with a buffet breakfast with students from our sister school.

    A large digital billboard welcomed us to Hangzhou No. 14 Secondary School.

    Our students exchanging contact information with each other.

    Comparing one AP class from the next.

    Great day for a tour of the campus.

    Stay tuned to learn more about their experiences and view more photos from China...



    Wednesday, April 5, 2017

    All 11th grade students will take the SAT.

    All 10th graders will take the PSAT.

    Our previously requested release of 9th and 12th graders on April 5th has been canceled by the DOE.


    • Students in grades 9 and 12 will follow a special schedule for the entire day. Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria period 5.
    • Students in grades 10 and 11 will be served a bagged lunch after they finish their exams and will follow a special schedule for the remainder of their school day. Students WILL NOT BE RELEASED until their regular Wednesday dismissal time.
    • Middle school students will follow their regular schedule.