• On Monday, January 23rd, high school students will have the opportunity to participate in

    An Hour of Code

    The event will be held after school from 2:20 PM to 3:30 PM in room 404 A/B

    If you are interested in learning more about this event, sign up here.

    You must register by FRIDAY, JANUARY 20TH in order to attend.

    High school students will have the opportunity to:
    - Create an Android app
    - Create a platform game (similar to Mario)
    - Begin learning a commonly used programming language, like Python

    No experience necessary, sign up if you're interested experiencing programming first hand!

  • Parents, students and staff interested in purchasing a yearbook should place their order before February 27 by clicking on  Josten Yearbook.

  • "This year we had over 20 alumni come back to speak with our students. Without question the alumni believe that 'not using your meal plan up before the end of the semester.' is the most important advice they can give--and they gave it often. They also spoke about the importance of finding a consistent time and place to study, the advantages of living on campus, how to get connected to academic and social supports, the value of joining clubs and cultural organizations, and a number of other really important topics. Equally impressive was our students' level of engagement with and appreciation for the alumni and what they were doing. It was definitely great to witness." -Mr. Lockett, Director of College Counseling

    Our alumni shared college experiences and life lessons with our seniors.

    Click here to view more photos from this event.

  • Wishing our sister school safe return to Nishio High School.

    It was an exciting week at East-West with the visit of ten students and three staff members from our sister school in Japan.  Our school community welcomed them with open arms and were eager to share and exchange cultural experiences and best practices in education.  As in years past, our families have hosted each delegation and helped make them feel at home.  The goal of developing a deeper understanding of each other's differences and similarities while giving them a wider perspective of tolerance and acceptance was achieved.  We will continue to build our relationship with Nishio High School and look forward to visiting them in the Summer of 2018.

    Click here to view more photos of the Nishio High School visit.

  • Key Club has been running a City Harvest food donation. Please help feed hunger by supporting this food drive.  Your donation of non-perishable would be greatly appreciated.

    For more information, reach out to a Key Club member or contact Ms.S. Lee at