• Update 3/7/2011: Now with photographs from Mr. Shibata.

    Ms. Binaso and her 10th grade English class organized East-West's first annual poetry slam last Friday.

    The room was filled with students and staff members. Students performed pieces that they had carefully revised and rehearsed over weeks. Ms. Hartong, the Drama teacher, also read one of her own pieces. A panel of student judges rated the performances. The time, effort, and passion that had gone into creating this event was evident. Thank you to Ms. Binaso and her 10th graders for their hard work!

    Click here to view a slideshow of Mr. Shibata's fantastic photographs from the event.

    From Poetry Slam
    From Poetry Slam
    From Poetry Slam
  • Ms. Kramer writes:

    Here are the pictures from my 801 Advisory's trip Applebees in Manhattan yesterday. The day began with a trip on the yellow school bus and traffic on the LIE. We passed the skaters in Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. We finally made it and the students' faces lit up when they heard the music and saw the bright Applebees sign. Keith, the store manager made us comfortable on the 2nd floor of the restaurant.

    We took a walking tour of the Serving Line Kitchen as well as the Behind-The-Scenes Preparation Kitchen. We met kitchen and wait staff, eager to speak to the students about their jobs and responsibilities. Following a Q&A, the students were treated to yummy lunch, drinks and ice cream sundaes. Ms. Wu (Andrew's mom) and Mr. Fair (Fayola's dad) joined us for this lovely experience.


  • East-West received a generous donation of Korean instruments and costumes from the Hanyang Culture Fund to support our Korean drumming program. Mr. Taek-Sun Han and Mrs. Hye-Jin Han both have valued the Korean programs in the public schools, and they want to recognize and support EWSIS Korean program and Poong-mul program especially in the heart of Flushing area.

    Thanks to our Korean teachers: Ms. Rhi for connecting with Mr. and Mrs. Han, and Ms. Kim for leading the Korean drumming class.

  • Presentation at Morning Muster. From VW presentation and korean drums

    Last Friday, East-West was fortunate enough to have Vivian Warfield speak to our students about Lewis H. Latimer. As the previous Executive Director of the Lewis Latimer House in Flushing, Ms. Warfield shared her extensive knowledge of the African-American scientist and inventor of the carbon filament.


    Lewis Latimer

    Lewis Latimer, a pioneer of electrical engineering

    ... He was of the colored race, the only one in our organization... Broadmindedness, versatility in the accomplishment of things intellectual and cultural, a linguist, a devoted husband and father...

    —excerpts from Lewis Latimer's obituary by the Edison Pioneers, 1928 (source)

    Lewis Latimer was known as a "Renaissance" man, a man of many talents. An accomplished poet, painter, playwrite, musician as well as a pioneering engineer, he overcame many obstacles without having any doubts about his talents. Recognizing that Thomas Edison's bamboo filament was impractical (Edison's original bulb lasted only 30 hours before burning out), Latimer invented the carbon filament, thus making the light bulb practical. (source)

    Read more about Lewis Latimer at the links provided at the end of this post.

    After Morning Muster, Ms. Warfield stayed to give two more in-class presentations on 19th Century African-American artists to all our 11th graders.

    "Five Black Artists from the 19th Century." From VW presentation and korean drums

    Ms. Warfield is an active East-West volunteer and serves on the advisory board of the school's nonprofit.

    For more information on Lewis Latimer: