• There has been at least 18 school shootings in the United States this year.  March 14th marks the one month anniversary of the Parkland shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

    With support of administration, Student Government organized and encouraged staff and students to join today's National School Walkout for 17 minutes to honor the 17 victims killed.  Side by side, students and staff came together as one voice to encourage our government to take the necessary steps to prevent tragedies like Parkland, or the following school shootings: Marshall County High School where 2 students died and 18 were injured; Rancho Tehama Elementary School where 6 people were killed and 18 injured; Umpqua Community College where there were 10 people killed and 9 injured; Sandy Hook Elementary School were 28 people were killed and 2 injured; Virginia Tech where 33 people were killed and 23 injured; and let us not forget Columbine High School where 15 people were killed and 21 people were injured, from ever happening again.  In solidarity with students across the country participating in today's National School Walkout, we as a community have decided to join.

    With signs like Protect Children, Not Guns...

    How many more?

    Should I Be Scared to Come To School?

    Schools should be a safe haven for learning, fear has no place in our school.

    There are a great deal of lessons to be learned from the recent tragedy in Parkland including the need to enhance mental health awareness; the value of "See Something; Say Something"; the importance of promoting tolerance and acceptance and stomping out bullying.

    This event has brought to the forefront the debate over gun control, but most importantly, it reminds us of the power of student voice.

    Instead of being paralyzed by the fears and horror of the Parkland shooting, students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, with the memory of their peers, friends and teachers in their hearts and mind, showed tremendous bravery as they stood their ground and vowed never again to let this happen.

    We need to be the change we want to see in our community.  The students at Parkland have paved a way for us to do so.  It is important for us to participate in this national movement, not just to spread awareness, but to start advocating for ourselves and other students.

    Contributing writers: Effie Marinos, William Lee


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  • The East-West School of International Studies was recently nominated as a "Respect For All School".

    This means we are one of the New York City Department of Education's safest schools.

  • The 12th grade Government and Economics class went to the Museum of the City of New York ( on Thursday, February 8 to study Activism.

    The students are working on proposals for a 10-15 page senior thesis term paper and Mr. Oppenheim wanted to inspire them to consider many forms of historical and current activism as a lens toward crafting meaningful argumentative papers advocating political, social, or economic changes in the world today.

    While there they also visited galleries celebrating the history of New York City and a vision of the future of this great city. These exhibits explored hopes and dreams and considerations such as hosing types, parks, costs, and environmental impact of development.  

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  • On Thursday, February 15, our school community was treated to a grand performance to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year on Friday, February 16.

    The East-West Foreign Language Department organized a live Chinese Lion Dance,

    a Japanese Samurai Sword Fight,

    and a Traditional Korean Drumming session during morning Muster.

    The morning performance continued onto the floors of East-West and ended with refreshments for all. 

    Many thanks to the following organization:

    Korean Performance Art Center: Songhee Lee, Jeongsu Park, Hyesun Jeong, Meehee Kim

    TATA Hatoryu NY: Kyo Kasumi, Maho Honda, Mari Miyamoto, Mikako Haresign, Akiko Fujiwara, Sheiri Yamafuji

    Wan Chi Ming Dragon and Lion Dance Team

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