• On Friday, May 19, the Chinese Culture Club hosted their last BIG EVENT for this school year, and it was a huge success!

    Team 2's XinJiang Braised Chicken.

    Four talented student chef teams cooked their champion dishes for the title of GOLD Iron Chef of Chinese Cuisine at East West.  

    The star teams were:

    Team 1: Anton Homitz, Selina Huang and Alexander Liu

    Team 2: Chaochao Lin, Sharon Huang and Zenan Hu

    Team 3: Yuri Takayama, Young Keun Kim and Yiyi Wang

    Team 4: Corey Cheung, Ryan Cheung and Marco Yu

    Our honorary staff judges were:

    Mr. Cromer, Ms. Chang, Ms. Gorry, and Mr. Kalla.

    Selina Huang stir frying her team's filling for their Fried Kernels of Corn wrap.

    Chaochao Lin demostrating her wok skills as she braises chicken.

    Yuri Takayama showing her knife skills as she dices vegetables for her team's stir-fry.

    Team 4 frying up chicken for their team's winning Peking Chicken dish.

    Congratulations Team 4 for creating the most favorable tasting dish for our judges and audience.

    In addition to providing a taste of China through our student competitor's creations, a "simple" spread of the staples were also available for the audience to sample. 

    During the competition, the club aired an episode from the award winning documentary series by CCTV: "A Bite of China" to deepen our appreciation of the culinary inspiration from the Far East.

    For those who weren't able to attend, click here to view photos from the event.

  • Congratulations to our Middle School Table Tennis Team for competing at this year's Sports and Arts Schools Foundation sponsored tournament at NY Indoor Sports Club this past Saturday, May 21, 2017. 

    Team participants were: Allen, Alex, Caitlin, Shine, Vincent, Yucheng.

    Click here to see more photos from this event.

  • On May 23, there will be an orientation for new incoming students at 4:30 PM.

    Junior Parent Night will be a great opportunity for our 11th grade students to learn about the many aspects of the college process, in addition to getting a head start on preparing for their senior year in high school.

    The following topics will be covered:

    1. Review of Transcripts and Grades
    2. Senior Activities
    3. Applying to College
    4. Financial Aid and Paying for College

    Our middle and high school students will also have the opportunity to learn what to expect for next year, AP courses that are available, East-West Clubs, and our partner programs with Hodori and StarTalk.