COVID-19 Updates from NYC and East-West

**UPDATED MAY 14, 2020: Information and Booking Guides for Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences 5/18 - 5/22

MAY 4, 2020: Updated Promotion/Graduation Requirements

Promotion Requirements 

Graduation Requirements for Seniors (Class of 2020)

Questions? Contact Mrs. Park

APRIL 28, 2020: Letter to Families Regarding Updated City-Wide Grading Policy (Spanish | Chinese | more translations available on InfoHub)

APRIL 15, 2020: Letter to Families of Students with Disabilities (translations available on InfoHub)

APRIL 13, 2020: Letter to Families from Chancellor Carranza

APRIL 9, 2020: Letter from Office of Equity and Access for Parents with students in AP classes

APRIL 8, 2020: Updates from Chancellor Carranza for Families and High School Seniors

MARCH 28, 2020: Department of Health Guidance on COVID-19

Dear Parents, 

There have been questions from some concerned parents and students about if there are cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus within our community.

According to the NYC Department of Health, there is now widespread community transmission of COVID-19 in New York City, meaning the sources of new infections are unknown. 

According to the Department of Health, everyone in New York City should act as if they have been exposed to COVID-19. That means monitoring your health closely, staying home if you are sick, and calling for medical help when you are sick. New Yorkers who are not sick should also stay home as much as possible and avoid all unnecessary social interactions.

School is currently scheduled to be closed until April 20. If the school closure is extended, we will update this information on our website and with a phone blast. NYC school closures are also reported daily by all major news media. 

COVID-19 Fact Sheets from NYC Dept of Health: English | Chinese | Spanish | Bengali | Haitian Creole

MARCH 22, 2020: Letter to Families from Chancellor Richard Carranza 

The above letter will be made available on the InfoHub Coronavirus Letters page, along with all translations which will be posted this evening. Letters like this one and further updates can be found on the family site.

MARCH 18, 2020: Letter to Families from Principal Cromer about How to Contact Teachers

MARCH 17, 2020: Letter to Families from Principal Cromer / Chinese Translation

MARCH 16, 2020: Letter to Families from NYC Dept of Education

MARCH 15, 2020: All schools will be closed until April 19th, including East-West.

March 13, 2020: Letter to Parents from Principal Cromer (page 1 in English, page 2 in Chinese)

NYC Department of Health and the Department of Education are disseminating regular updates about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Please refer to the links below for these updates.

Chinese Translations

Spanish Translations